1859 C. Sharps & Co. Derringer Pepper Box. Nickle over brass.
Very rare 1884 Springfield Trapdoor Cadet Rifle.
1860’s Rare and Authentic Civil War Era Powder Flasks
Authentic and Original WWII Navy Hand-Held Telescope. 16 Power. Rope Covered. C:1940
J. Stevens #43 Single Shot Pistol – Blue Barrell
Antique Marlin Pocket Revolver .32 cal C:1875
Projectiles and Bullets.
Distinguished Veteran Owned Service Hats.
Veteran Owned Military Uniforms. Very Good Condition.
Projectiles and Bombs (Inert).
Antique Military Items.
Veteran-Owned Military and First Responder Helmets.
Extremely Rare and Unique Trench Art. Some English, Some WWI.
Gulf War Helmet.
Military Helmets.
U.S. Calvary George Patton Jr. Sword C: 1918.
Buy War Bonds Military Poster. Perfect Condition.
Remember Dec 7th Military Poster. Perfect Condition
Original WWII German Luftwaffe Anti-Aircraft. Called Gladiator Style.
M-35 German DD Heer ET66 WWII Helmet. First Type Manufactured. C:1935 – 1940.
Stunning German Romo Solingen Hunting Dagger C: 1939
Authentic Original Type #1 Luftwaffe Dress Bayonet in Case and Correctly Marked.
Large Collection of Daggers
Excellent Condition German WWII Early “Luftwaffe” Dress Dagger
Excellent Condition Dress Dagger
Excellent Condition Dress Dagger
WWI German Enlisted Red Cross Hewer, 100% Original. C: 1941. Blade in Excellent Condition
Original NSKK German SA Dagger
Very Rare German Dagger
Very Rare Dress Dagger
Awesome WWII German Army Dress Dagger
Beautiful Dress Dagger

Antiques and Fine Art